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Christmas Collection

Christmas Suggested Ideas

Christmas time last year I WISHED I had started sooner with shopping, with sewing, with EVERYTHING!


Have you started to show your customers the things you make for Christmas? Encourage them to order early so they don't miss out (and so you arent smashed with orders at the 11th hour!)

Last year I could barely keep up with how many felt reindeer candy cane holders and felt Christmas themed hair clip covers I made for parents and their kids as end of year gifts for their classmates. And every few days I was at the shops trying to source MORE biscuit and Christmas coloured felt! Don't get caught out yourself this year!

Have a look at the wonderful products we have here to help you get that head start on making Christmas items to show your customers NOW so they aren't ordering at the very last minute! 

Hooded towels is another item that I was still making and sending out a week before Christmas!!!. Be sure to start mentioning to your customers about your cut off times now for making these!


Don't get caught out with Christmas postage times!

Ensure you have all of your threads, vinyls, stablizers and pre-wound bobbins in advance. There is nothing like waiting on Australia Post throughout December to really put a delay in your making time frames!

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