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Craft Felt

Quality Craft Felt with 27 beautiful colours to choose from!

That's more than a rainbow of colours!

We have even more colours coming soon!


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Are you tired of making your beautiful masks, puppets, felties and other in the hoop or sewing and craft projects with felt that you can hold up in the daylight and see through? You're not the only one!

Luckily for you, you have now come across a craft felt that is washable, tumble dry able, iron-able and most of all ADORABLE.

You can even boil this felt and it will STILL retain its colour!

9x12 inch pieces to fit even the largest embroidery designs and projects!

If you have been looking for craft felt with an unsurpassed quality then you need to look no further

I have partnered with an amazing go-getter of a woman who demands quality in her supplied products as well as a generousness selection of colours to add variety. As a result I am excited to offer this beautiful felt which is kept in our very own ON SHORE AUSTRALIAN STOCK holdings. So if we run out... we top our stocks up very quickly so your projects aren't held up! And if you REALLY need it super fast (because sometimes we do!) my 'feltie friend' would even ship directly to you if I don't have the stock on hand!

Now how's THAT for service!?

Click below to see our amazing selection which we know will impress the most discerning buyer...


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