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Machine Embroidery Threads Australia | Madeira

Madeira Machine Embroidery Thread

Rayon unites beauty and quality for an extraordinary bright and distinct stitched design. The high quality artificial silk, also known as viscose, is a natural product manufactured and modeled on the silk worm. Rayon is the result of a complex and elaborate production process where cellulose is converted into a high strength filament viscose yarn.

MADEIRA’s top quality Rayon viscose adds distinctive brilliance to your embroidery and comes in a color range which leaves nothing to be desired.

High tensile strength, exceptional running abilities and optimum color fastness give consistency and longevity to Rayon and make it the ideal machine embroidery thread for computer designs, decorative top stitching, quilting and embellishment. It can be used without problems on all fabrics from the finest silk to the toughest leather, vinyl and denim.

RAYON No.40 is the perfect thread for enthusiastic machine embroiderers. The silky luster, high tensile strength and exceptional color fastness of this top quality thread give a consistent appearance which will not fade to all embroidery, and make it ideal for stitching on today’s sophisticated computerized machines